Name in Japanese 明里
Rōmaji Translation Akesato
Appears in Anime, Manga, TV Drama, Stage Show
Voice Actor (Japanese) Michiko Neya
Voice Actor (English) Kira Vincent-Davis
Personal Info
Gender Female
Affiliation/s Chōshū
Status Active

Akesato (明里 Akesato?) is Keisuke's lover, a Shimabara courtesan, and a shinobi working for the Chōshū clan. In the manga, it is stated by Sakamoto that Akesato is of mixed blood (half-Japanese and half-Caucasian); she has blonde hair (which she hides under a wig) and blue eyes. She is a member of the Fūma clan and acts as Susumu's rival in the series.


  • Akesato is based on the historical figure, Akesato. However, the real Akesato was not of mixed blood and shinobi.