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Clemson Murn, otherwise known as Mr. Murn, has a seriously shadowy reputation that goes way, way back. A dark ops mercenary who’s killed countless people – and not always for the right side – Murn plays his cards very close. No-nonsense and all-business, Murn has never shared a feeling in his life (not even feeling hungry), but is secretly on the path to becoming a deeper, more well-rounded individual. Assigned to lead the team personally by Amanda Waller, he holds many of the deepest secrets behind Project Butterfly.


Early Life

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In A Whole New Whirled, as Peacemaker now in his bloody Peacemaker suit is hastily leaving, one of the nurses texts Mr. Murn regarding the former Suicide Squad member's departure. Umbeknownst to him, Chris hops into a taxi and celebrates when nobody notices his exit. Not long after he breaks into his own home, Chris is suddenly surrounded by the likes of Emilia Harcourt, John Economos and Leota Adebayo with their weapons brandished. Murn then approaches Chris from inside his trailer, and informs Chris that he reports directly to Amanda Waller. It is then explained to Peacemaker that they need him to perform hits, like a contract killer. This time, it’s for “Project Butterfly”. Murn introduces Peacemaker to his team, and Chris is told that should he refuse, he’ll go back to prison. Not only that, but there’s still the chip in his brain that Murn and company can trigger at any moment. After Leota's spech, Murn then orders Peacemaker to meet the crew at a restaurant for more details regarding Project Butterfly and his first case. Later, Chris meets with his new task force team for dinner as agreed upon. Harcourt, Murn, Leota and Economos poke fun at Peacemaker for arriving in full costume with Eagly in the backseat of his car. Eventually, Murn hands Chris a file with info on his first target and urges him to peruse it at home.

In Best Friends, For Never, as Peacemaker escapes alongside Harcourt, Adebayo and Eagly, John Economos changes Smith's car registration on the order of their team leader Clemson Murn. The tech wizz gets a little too ahead of himself, though, because he changes Peacemaker's registration and his fingerprints in the system to point to his father Auggie. Murn is, understandably, not too pleased by Economos' decision to put the blame on Peacemaker's father because it will likely still lead back to Peacemaker one way or another.

In Better Goff Dead, Murn still doesn’t trust Chris enough to tell him what a butterfly actually is, but he does expect him and Harcourt to take up position and shoot a man and possibly his wife and children with a sniper rifle. All in the name of peace. Upon confirming they are indeed butterflies, Murn orders Chris to kill them all immediately, but he can’t bring himself to shoot the kids, so Vigilante takes over and cheerily shoots all of them except Goff himself. While Vigilante and Peacemaker are being held captive in the basement, Murn, Leota, and Harcourt try to find them. The trio takes a brief tour through the house where Goff’s family is still laying dead on the floor. Elsewhere in the house, Murn is delayed by a door, which is locked with a keypad containing the same glyphs as the miniature flying saucer that he has to blow through using an experimental explosive device. It goes off in Murn’s face, but the explosion buys Peacemaker enough time to free himself, fight Goff, and eventually blow a hole in his face with a shotgun.

In The Choad Less Traveled, Murn delegates tasks; ordering Leota and Harcourt to search important files while Economos watches over the unconscious Judomaster. Murn then ushers Chris into his office for a private chat. Murn questions Peacemaker’s dedication to the mission, notably since the latter failed to take out the Goff butterflies. However, it is through Auggie’s neighbor that Peacemaker learns of his father’s imprisonment. Chris then calls Murn to chew him out and asks Vigilante to drive him to the prison. As a result, Murn tasks Leota with the challenge of talking Peacemaker out of visiting his father. According to Murn, Leota is the only one Chris trusts. Inside the jail, Peacemaker spills the beans to Auggie by telling him Murn and the team framed him. Afterwards, Leota inadvertently lets it slip that Vigilante is in prison trying to kill Auggie. Murn’s infuriated, and he orders the gang to remedy the situation. Afterall, he points out that framing Peacemaker’s father and then murdering him isn’t going to endear Peacemaker to them.Leota strikes gold amid her search through some documents. She finds a business card for Glan Tai, a bottling company. Then, Leota procures a similar card for Glan Tai among Annie Sturphausen’s belongings. She calls Murn to inform him of her discovery. He explains that he is on his way, but first unbeknownst to anyone, he first takes the time to slurp honey-colored goo in a bowl with his elongated tongue.

In Monkey Dory, Murn briefs the team about the Butterflies. However, no one seems to be paying attention since eventually Peacemaker lets his anger get the best of him, as he confronts Economos over putting his dad in jail. After reading out an overlong list of celebrities he could have put the blame on instead, Murn jumps in and reels the topic back to the Butterfly plan. He wants the team to head out and investigate Glan Tai. This company just so happens to be a distribution center for the aliens’ food supply. Meanwhile Murn’s mysterious contact, Caspar Locke, shows up at the police station and reveals that he’s their new captain. Later, Leota grabs Peacemaker’s helmet and tries it on. Marveling at the new vision, she excitedly turns toward Murn’s office, wanting to tell him about what she’s found, and immediately realizes he’s a Butterfly. In a matter of seconds, he chases her outside upon her discovery.

In Murn After Reading, Murn chases Leota outside, but despite this, he promises not to hurt her, as Emilia shows up. Emilia reveals that she actually knew Murn was a Butterfly, and decided they all need to talk.Inside, Emilia admits she’s known for a while about Murn, all the way back to when he took a bomb blast to the face and barely took any damage. Murn then reveals that he has a lot of Butterfly knowledge and shares some of it now. Which includes how these butterflies came to Earth because their own planet was dying. The one in Goff was actually their leader but while things were okay for a while, he got ambitious and decided to start taking hosts from positions of power. In order to stop them, this Butterfly took the body of the worst person it could find – Murn. This Butterfly understands exactly what it has done, showing a slick of empathy. However, this was a necessary evil in order to stop the overarching Butterfly plot. Back at the police station Locke phones Murn to let him know that the police officers are leaving. At Peacemaker’s trailer, Vigilante shows up and the pair notice in awe that Goff has drawn a peace symbol. As they begin asking the Butterfly Yes or No questions, the police close in. Thankfully Murn manages to get through to Vigilante, and the gang leave out the roof. Although they manage to get away, the police also find the diary Leota has stashed.
When Peacemaker returns to base, the truth about Goff escaping is unveiled. Murn is shocked and confirms that the diary (the same one Leota planted in his apartment) is with their men. It’s with Caspar to be precise, who locked it in his desk drawer. Peacemaker is incredulous over the knowledge being hidden from him, and scoffs at the notion of them being a team. Murn’s secret remains that way, as he tells the team they’re heading out at daybreak for the Ranch.

In Stop Dragon My Heart Around, Murn reveals that he already knew that Leota was Amanda Waller's daughter. Eventually, Emilia and Leota manage to evade the police, who show up and find Murn. After killing him, and the Butterfly inside him, they’re left alone to carry out this operation.

In It's Cow or Never, Butterfly Song explains that the butterflies left their homeworld because it was dying and that Earth proved better suited to their needs.However, the butterflies learned that humans didn’t care for their planet. They didn’t listen to reason and science and refused to make even the smallest sacrifice because it was an “inconvenience”. So, the butterflies thought it best to take control of humans to save the Earth. But Murn disagreed with their methods because he didn’t believe they should overtake human bodies, even if it meant protecting the planet.


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