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Peacemaker's best friend and loyal sidekick, Eagly is, yes, a majestic bald eagle who is always there for his one human friend. Eagerly accompanying Peacemaker on missions, Eagly doesn't always understand his role, but, at the end of the day, he's a natural at hunting down possums, squirrels and other small forest animals. A rock star in a fight, he's no ordinary eagle, and even earns his place as part of the team. Although Peacemaker overestimates his abilities, he's actually gotten a hug from the giant bird -- although no one believes him . . . and there are no photos to prove it.


Early Life

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In A Whole New Whirled, Chris realizes that he needs to get Eagly back. Eventually, Chris drives to his father’s house to reunite with the old man and retrieve his pet eagle. When Chris finally reunites with Eagly, the bird appears to “embrace” his owner, as only an animal with wings can. While Chris has dinner with Eagly and Auggie, and the father/son duo bond over an anecdote about Bloodsport’s fear of rats. Later, Chris meets with his new task force team for dinner as agreed upon. Emilia Harcourt, Clemson Murn, Leota Adebayo and John Economos poke fun at Peacemaker for arriving in full costume with Eagly in the backseat of his car. Eventually, Murn hands Chris a file with info on his first target and urges him to peruse it at home. Leota and Chris share a moment outside the restaurant, even though Eagly bites the former.

In Best Friends, For Never, while Peacemaker escapes alongside Harcourt, Adebayo and Eagly, John Economos changes Smith's car registration on the order of their team leader Clemson Murn. The pair catch up after Peacemaker's four-year prison stint, with Vigilante admitting he's happy to have his "best friend" back, even if said pal thinks Eagly is his best friend, and Smith reveals he's a contract killer for the government.

In The Choad Less Traveled, as Peacemaker dances, he recalls his traumatic childhood. One of which includes Auggie giving Chris a screwdriver to stab a man to death. Then, Peacemaker remember his brother writhing on the ground before he dies. In the present, Chris then falls on the floor, crying, and finds comfort in Eagly and Goff the Butterfly as he smokes some marijuana.

In It's Cow or Never, Vigilante goes onto rank his besties, and we learn that Peacemaker and Eagly are numbers one and two, respectively, while Leota sits at number five. Chris tries to assign Eagly the task of planting said helmet on the barn’s roof, but, instead, Peacemaker’s Best friend misunderstands and drops it further in the woods. Later, now at the hospital, the staff wheels Harcourt and Economos away. Vigilante collapses on the ground after asserting he doesn’t need medical attention. Leota and Chris get some much-needed one-on-one time, wherein the pair make amends, and Leota vows to do the right thing. Before she leaves, Chris informs her that, after Eagly, she’s his bestie.

Season 2

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Physical Appearance