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The newest member of the team, Leota Adebayo, handles pretty much everything else. Although she’s skilled in weapons training and other assorted super-secret spy craft, she’s never really felt cut out for it. Newly married with little dogs she likes to dress up, Adebayo is the heart of the team and often its voice of reason. But she’s got her secrets as well.


Throughout the Series

Season 1

In A Whole New Whirled, along with Emilia Harcourt and John Economos they target Peacemaker from all sides, with their weapons brandished. After Clemson Murn introduces Peacemaker to his team, Leota proceeds to give a speech about how excited she is to work with everyone. Eventually, the new team move into their shoddy, makeshift headquarters. Later, Chris meets with his new task force team for dinner as agreed upon. Harcourt, Murn, Leota and Economos poke fun at Peacemaker for arriving in full costume with Eagly in the backseat of his car. Eventually, Leota and Chris share a moment outside the restaurant, even though Eagly bites the former.

Leota video-chats with Amanda Waller, who as it turns out is her mother. Waller urges Leota to keep empathy out of this line of work after she notes how she sees a certain sadness in Peacemaker. Keeya urges Leota to exercise caution, as this is dangerous work the latter’s about to undertake. Leota reassures her wife that she’ll pick up the paycheck and they’ll move home after she finishes the job.

In Best Friends, For Never, Harcourt wakes up Leota and gets her to come along to help Peacemaker, and while they arrive in good time he manages to get the police's attention by sticking his head out of the window of the deceased woman's apartment. While Peacemaker escapes alongside Harcourt, Adebayo and Eagly, Economos changes Smith's car registration on the order of their team leader Clemson Murn.

In Better Goff Dead, during the briefing, Leota accidentally flips to a photo of her wife’s vagina, since she has sent her away on Harcourt’s recommendation. Thus, they are practicing new forms of intimacy. At Goff's residence, Harcourt, is unconscious nearby and is accosted by another of Goff’s bodyguards. Leota interrupts them, but she can’t pull the trigger, so Harcourt does so instead. Once the two women figure out that Vigilante and Peacemaker are being held captive in the basement, Murn, Leota, and Harcourt try to find them.

In The Choad Less Traveled, with the special taskforce returning home from the Goff mission, Vigilante complains incessantly about potentially losing his pinky toe. He tells the group that he needs it for balance. Harcourt and Leota for their part try to dispute this. Back at their headquarters, Murn delegates tasks; ordering Leota and Harcourt to search important files while Economos watches over the unconscious Judomaster. Later, Leota and Harcourt commence their assignment, and Leota apologizes again for not shooting Goff’s guard. Harcourt firmly reminds her she needs a stronger stomach in this business. Afterwards, Leota eventually flees to the bathroom to compose herself. Murn eventually tasks Leota with the challenge of talking Peacemaker out of visiting his father. According to Murn, Leota is the only one Chris trusts. Leota hails Chris outside the jail facility and urges him to refrain from seeing Auggie. But Peacemaker refuses to listen, as he thinks they all betrayed him. However, he softens his edges when he discovers that it was only Economos who framed his father. Leota then mentions Peacemaker’s file, which raises his attention.
Unfortunately, Leota’s impassioned words aren’t enough to dissuade Chris. After Peacemaker heads inside, Leota quickly identifies Vigilante, even with the latter in civilian attire. Vigilante tries to disguise his voice but to no avail. While outside chatting, Leota surreptitiously plants the idea of killing Auggie in Vigilante's brain. As a result, Vigilante leaves the premises. Once Peacemaker returns from his visit, Leota offers to drive him home. Later, Economos calls Leota and Chris while they’re on the road to inform them of Judomaster’s escape. Suddenly, Judomaster attacks Economos.
When Peacemaker and Leota finally arrive, they find Economos on the floor, gasping for air. Peacemaker then chases Judomaster outside, and the pair duke it out. When Judomaster tries to tell Peacemaker the butterflies aren’t what he thinks, Leota shoots the former in the chest. However, Judomaster is still alive for now. Eventually, Leota inadvertently lets it slip that Vigilante is in prison trying to kill Auggie. Murn’s infuriated, and he orders the gang to remedy the situation. Afterall, he points out that framing Peacemaker’s father and then murdering him isn’t going to endear Peacemaker to them. Leota strikes gold amid her search through some documents. She finds a business card for Glan Tai, a bottling company. Then, Leota procures a similar card for Glan Tai among Annie Sturphausen’s belongings. She calls Murn to inform him of her discovery.

In Monkey Dory, Leota is going through her own issues like her relationship woes with Keeya, and how they continue to work at odds with her job. Later, the gang finally show up at Glan Tai and prepare to infiltrate. Leota and Peacemaker team up together and go in through the front. Blood-soaked and high on adrenaline, Peacemaker and the gang are debriefed after their factory skirmish. As everyone heads off, Peacemaker encourages Leota to share a drink with him at his place. Once there, Leota connects with Peacemaker and encourages him to drop the tough guy exterior; throwing jokes at everyone and putting them down isn’t the way to go. She urges him to be more like Chris instead.
However, this is just a front as Leota stashes the diary in Peacemaker’s trailer. When she heads back to the office. Leota grabs Peacemaker’s helmet and tries it on. Marveling at the new vision, she excitedly turns toward Murn’s office, wanting to tell him about what she’s found, and immediately realizes he’s a Butterfly. In a matter of seconds, he chases her outside upon her discovery.

In Murn After Reading, Murn chases Leota outside, but despite this, he promises not to hurt her, as Emilia shows up. Emilia reveals that she actually knew Murn was a Butterfly, and decided they all need to talk. With Leota onboard for now, and promising not to tell Amanda Waller too, the gang sift through security footage from the plant. They quickly realize that every three days a tank of raw amber is brought in but don't know from where. At Peacemaker’s trailer the authorities find the diary Leota has stashemilia confronts Leota about the planted diary. The thing is, Leota reveals that she actually lost her job and Amanda Waller offered her this one, which inevitably sees the truth about Waller being her mom divulged too. Murn however, already knew this though, as it turns out, and he implores the pair to stop bickering and collect their gear. With all of their Butterfly brains connected, and Locke now compromised, the whole operation is hanging in the balance.

In Stop Dragon My Heart Around, Emilia confronts Leota about the planted diary. To which Leota reveals that she actually lost her previous job and Amanda Waller offered her this one, which inevitably sees the truth about Waller being her mom divulged too. Murn however, already knew this though, as it turns out, and he implores the pair to stop bickering and collect their gear. With all of their Butterfly brains connected, and Locke now compromised, the whole operation is hanging in the balance. Back at the apartment, Emilia and Leota manage to evade the police, who show up and find Murn. After killing him, and the Butterfly inside him, they’re left alone to carry out this operation. Only, Judomaster suddenly enters, leading to a big fight between him and Emilia. He takes his eyes off Leota though, who manages to take him out with a taser. Later, Leota watching from the window, she looks in awe at the bird as Eagley reawakens and embraces Peacemaker. Leota is shocked, and she sees this as a sign. Instead of heading home, she’s all-in on the Cow plot.

In It's Cow or Never, Leota attempts to apologize to Chris, but he just isn’t interested in apologies, so he and Vigilante proceed to make fart noises while Leota expresses her sincere remorse. Vigilante goes onto rank his besties, and we learn that Peacemaker and Eagly are numbers one and two, respectively, while Leota sits at number five. When the gang arrives outside the ranch, Leota calls Amanda Waller for further assistance. Her mother stresses the importance of working quickly as the butterflies prepare to teleport the cow off the planet. Waller dubs Harcourt the leader while Economos and Leota stay behind if the team needs backup.Peacemaker lays out his helmets and explains to Leota what each one does. Leota believes they should plant the helmet that emits a sonic boom on top of the barn and activate it, thereby destroying the butterflies and cow inside.
After a brief slip-up, Leota activates the helmet inside the bag, causing the barn to explode and even taking a few butterflies down in the process. Leota sets off a few more sonic booms until the helmet loses its charge. Leota watches Harcourt fall and decides to barrel headfirst into the action. Economos follows suit, but he trips over a wooden fence and injures his leg severely. Leota then notices a butterfly attempting to gain access to Harcour but she quickly pulls the alien out in time. Harcourt then tells Leota to assist Chris with the cow situation. Leota puts on Peacemaker’s helmet that morphs the wearer into a human torpedo. Peacemaker and Song duke it out while Leota activates the human torpedo helmet. However, in her bid to help her friend, Leota flies uncontrollably into the wall, falling unconscious. Butterfly Song reveals she doesn’t want to fight Chris and instead she wants him to help her.
Instead, Chris activates the human torpedo helmet, which Leota is still wearing. Suddenly, she flies into the cow, killing it. Peacemaker then promptly shoots Butterfly Locke and Butterfly Song. Later, Chris and Leota emerge from the barn wreckage to find Vigilante alive and Economos sitting with Harcourt. It looks like Harcourt might be dead, but Chris cradles her in his arms, and the gang takes her to a hospital. While at the hospital, the staff wheels Harcourt and Economos away. Vigilante collapses on the ground after asserting he doesn’t need medical attention. Leota and Chris get some much-needed one-on-one time, wherein the pair make amends, and Leota vows to do the right thing. Before she leaves, Chris informs her that, after Eagly, she’s his bestie. Some time later, Leota goes on camera to reveal Project Butterfly to the world and publically exonerate Peacemaker and Vigilante of their crimes. She then informs the reporters of how much the heroes assisted the mission and that Peacemaker didn’t write that diary. Vigilante watches while in the hospital and promptly escapes. Leota also blows Waller’s cover and reveals Belle Reve’s system, and Waller reacts to her daughter throwing her under the bus. Elewhere, Leota returns home to Keeya and the pair smooch.

Season 2

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