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"Monkey Dory" is the fifth of the HBO Max series based on the DC Comics character Peacemaker. It aired on January 27, 2022.


The team scouts the apparent hub for the aliens’ food supply, only to come face-to-face with a full-fledged invasion. Meanwhile, Auggie’s attempt to sell out his son to the police is complicated by Murn’s mysterious contact.


Murn briefs the team about the Butterflies. However, no one seems to be paying attention since eventually Peacemaker lets his anger get the best of him, as he confronts Economos over putting his dad in jail.

After reading out an overlong list of celebrities he could have put the blame on instead, Murn jumps in and reels the topic back to the Butterfly plan. He wants the team to head out and investigate Glan Tai. This company just so happens to be a distribution center for the aliens’ food supply.

While prepping their gear, Leota arrives and encourages Peacemaker to go easy on Economos and not be so harsh on him all the time.

Leota though is going through her own issues; relationship woes with Keeya continue to work at odds to her job. Initially, Leota only took this role to tide the pair over for a few months but it’s clear this is becoming a lot more involving than she anticipated.

Later, the gang finally show up at Glan Tai and prepare to infiltrate. Leota and Peacemaker team up together and go in through the front. Although Peacemaker agrees to keep things chill, he immediately shoots the receptionist and the guards in the head. Peacemaker quickly reveals that his current helmet grants him the ability to see Butterflies inside their hosts.

Elsewhere, Vigilante and Emilia head in the back and realize there are thousands of boxes for the alien food. They suddenly come to the realization that this operation is far bigger than they thought. Unfortunately, they’re spotted and the Butterflies mobilize, dozens of them in human hosts that screech and throw themselves at the pair.

Just as it looks like the escaped gorilla Chris saw on the news earlier looks set to kill him, Economos jumps in with a chainsaw and slices it to bits.

In prison, Auggie appeals to Detectives Song and Fitz. He claims Peacemaker has framed him and that hecan prove it. After getting his fingerprints, the detectives match it up to the prints found at the scene, and realize they don’t match.

So naturally they decide to head off and visit the eyewitnesses to find out if their alibis hold up. It doesn’t take long for the bickering couple to confirm immediately that Peacemaker is the crook, and that means White Dragon is going to be freed. Only, another big hiccup sees that order reversed by a higher authority.

Murn’s mysterious contact, Caspar Locke, shows up at the police station and reveals that he’s their new captain. He cleans up the mess left behind, and challenges Song over what she’s found out. Song instead turns to Fitz and together, uses Song’s contacts to try and gain a search warrant for Peacemaker, undermining the chain of command.

Blood-soaked and high on adrenaline, Peacemaker and the gang are debriefed after their factory skirmish. As everyone heads off, Peacemaker encourages Leota to share a drink with him at his place.

Once there, Leota connects with Peacemaker and encourages him to drop the tough exterior; throwing jokes at everyone and putting them down isn’t the way to go. She urges him to be more like Chris instead.

However, this is just a front as Leota stashes the diary in Peacemaker’s trailer. When she heads back to the office. Leota grabs Peacemaker’s helmet and tries it on. Marveling at the new vision, she excitedly turns toward Murn’s office, wanting to tell him about what she’s found, and immediately realizes he’s a Butterfly. In a matter of seconds, he chases her outside upon her discovery.

Cast and characters


Guest starring

  • Lochlyn Munro as Larry Fitzgibbon
  • Annie Chang as Sophie Song
  • Elizabeth Ludlow as Keeya
  • Christopher Heyerdahl as Captain Caspar Locke
  • Alison Araya as Amber Calcaterra
  • Lenny Jacobson as Evan Calcaterra


  • Dee Bradley Baker voices Eagly
  • Zak Santiago as Prison Guard
  • Rochelle Greenwood as Peggy
  • Troy Mundle as Harried Worker
  • Stephen Blackehart as Charlie the Gorilla
  • David Beairsto as Judge William Judy
  • Yvette Ferguson as Receptionist


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