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Seriously misguided superhero Peacemaker is a compellingly vainglorious man who believes in peace at any cost – no matter how many men, women and children he has to kill to get it! A born killer with expertise in every weapon known to mankind, he survived his mission with Task Force X only to be enlisted to save the world once more with a new ragtag support team. With a jam for classic 80s hair metal and his bald eagle sidekick, Eagly, Peacemaker’s heart is more or less in the right place, if only his messed up head didn’t get in the way.


Early Life

A young Chris and his brother Keith are in their room listening to rock music. Auggie for his part is holding bets, and then encourages both of his sons to head out and fight one another in a no-holds barred match. With a big punch to the cheek, Chris knocks out his brother who ends up convulsing and fitting on the floor. As Keith begins frothing at the mouth, Auggie jumps in and realizes Chris has killed his brother.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In A Whole New Whirled, Smith is still in the hospital, months after he began his rehabilitation after being shot in the neck by Bloodsport, and is now looking at an x-ray of his near-fatal injury. The doctor subsequently discharges him, citing that he’s on the path to recovery. Chris then chats it up with Jamil, the janitor, about that one time they shared a blunt and whether anyone might pursue him. Specifically meaning anyone like law enforcement. While Chris, now in his bloody Peacemaker suit is hastily leaving, one of the nurses texts Mr. Murn regarding the former Suicide Squad member's departure. Umbeknownst to him, Chris hops into a taxi and celebrates when nobody notices his exit.

The taxi driver pulls in front of a star-spangled bedecked trailer. However, Chris realizes that he doesn’t have any money since, he was in prison for four years. But the driver accepts Peacemaker’s flashy helmet as payment.

After smashing his window to gain acess, Chris then finds his cellphone has a plethora of voicemails from Adrian Chase, a.k.a. Vigilante.

Suddenly, Emilia Harcourt, John Economos and Leota Adebayo target Peacemaker from all sides with their weapons brandished. Clemson Murn then approaches Chris from inside his trailer, and informs Chris that he reports directly to Amanda Waller.

It is explained to Peacemaker that need him to perform hits, like a contract killer. This time, it’s for “Project Butterfly”. Murn then introduces Peacemaker to his team, and Chris is told that should he refuse, he’ll go back to prison. Not only that, but there’s still the chip in his brain that Murn and company can trigger at any moment.

Murn orders Peacemaker to meet the crew at a restaurant for more details regarding Project Butterfly and his first case. But once they leave, Chris realizes that he needs to get Eagly back.

Eventually, Chris drives to his father’s house to reunite with the old man and retrieve his pet eagle. When Chris finally reunites with Eagly, the bird appears to “embrace” his owner, as only an animal with wings can.

Leota and Chris share a moment outside the restaurant, even though Eagly bit her.

Next, Chris follows Harcourt into a local bar bur unsurprisingly, she rebuffs Chris’ offer of mindless sex. Undeterred,Chris finds another blonde eyeing him from across the bar. Chris has a night of sexy fun with Annie. He plays one of her records featuring a hair metal band and proceeds to dance around in his tighty whities. However, Chris’s one-night-stand charges toward him with a knife poised to kill. Peacemaker and Annie battle it out in their undergarments. Annie tries to kill him and successfully stabs him a few times. But Chris eventually notices that Annie appears to be a metahuman. She manages to hold her own against him. After diving out of the window, Chris dons his helmet, which emits a powerful light, obliterating his sex pal. Not only that, but it destroys the parking lot around him.

In Best Friends, For Never, not wasting any time, Peacemaker quickly calls his teammate Emilia Harcourt for help after he killed the woman who attacked him.Unfortunately for Peacemaker, the police are hot on his trail so he high-tails it (in his tighty-whities no less) back to his one night stand's apartment to get dressed and collect his gear, and also to take some of her classic rock vinyls and an alien device for good measure.

As a result, he has to find another way out of the building and he heads up a floor to find someone else's apartment to get into while the police pursue him.Peacemaker knocks on one unsuspecting couple's door and forces his way in, and in an amusing turn of events he gets the husband, Evan, to pick up his vinyls after they dropped on the floor and the wife, Amber, to get rope to tie them up with.

Smith and Amber immediately hit it off because of their similar taste in music and the fact Peacemaker compliments her negligee, something that causes an argument between her and her husband. After tying them up, Peacemaker escapes by jumping from their balcony to the one below it, hurting himself in the process but forcing himself to go on anyway. While Peacemaker escapes alongside Harcourt, Adebayo and Eagly. While Economos changes Smith's car registration on the order of their team leader Clemson Murn. The tech wizz gets a little too ahead of himself, though, because he changes Peacemaker's registration and his fingerprints in the system to point to his father Auggie. Murn is, understandably, not too pleased by Economos' decision to put the blame on Peacemaker's father because it will likely still lead back to Peacemaker one way or another.

Peacemaker, Harcourt and Adebayo make it back safely, and the group debrief over the case at hand, though no one wants to explain what a Butterfly is to Smith quite yet. After annoying his colleagues once more with his bullish personality and bullying-like remarks, such as calling Economos "dye-beard", Peacemaker returns home and breaks down over his actions. He's a horrible person, he thinks, and he cries over being incapable of getting anyone to like him because he pushes them away, concluding that everyone "hates" him.

While he's having this moment of vulnerability, Peacemaker is met by Vigilante with Peacemaker telling his fellow crime-fighter that he was doing "face muscle exercises" and definitely wasn't crying. The pair catch up after Peacemaker's four-year prison stint, with Vigilante admitting he's happy to have his "best friend" back, even if said pal thinks Eagly is his best friend, and Smith reveals he's a contract killer for the government. Vigilante advises Peacemaker on their crime-fighting profession, saying they are natural born killers and they shouldn't feel bad about killing bad people. After this touching heart-to-heart, the pair decide the best way to blow off steam is to shoot at random household objects in the woods, drinking, and smoking weed with former kidnapee Amber in bed joining the two men.

In Better Goff Dead, the task force finds out that their current mission includes assassinating a State Senator, the titular Goff, by the end of the day. Goff is a butterfly and a climate change advocate. Unfortunately,the team doesn’t know whether or not his entire family are butterflies, in which case Chris will have to kill them all, including two children. But they do know that he has a very short bodyguard named Judomaster. Murn still doesn’t trust Chris enough to tell him what a butterfly actually is, but he does expect him and Harcourt to take up position and shoot a man and possibly his wife and children with a sniper rifle. All in the name of peace.

While waiting for a clear shot, some minor bonding between Chris and Harcourt takes place. But eventually they are interrupted with the arrival of Vigilante, who has been following Chris around. Murn orders Chris to kill them all immediately, but he can’t bring himself to shoot the kids, so Vigilante takes over and cheerily shoots all of them except Goff himself. Before he can take that shot he’s interrupted by Judomaster. With Vigilante and Peacemaker are being held captive in the basement, Murn, Leota, and Harcourt try to find them. With Vigilante and Peacemaker looking on, an alien-looking butterfly claws its way out of the remains of Goff’s face and begins to fly up and out of the cave. Upon seeing the weird creature, Peacemaker finally figures out what Project: Butterfly means.

In The Choad Less Traveled, once they arrive back at the office, Murn ushers Chris into his office for a private chat.Murn questions Peacemaker’s dedication to the mission, notably since the latter failed to take out the Goff butterflies. Vigilante drives Peacemaker to grab a few helmets at Auggie’s house. But Vigilante and Chris bicker over Peacemaker's failure to save Vigilante from Goff torturing him. After swiping all of his father’s helmets, Peacemaker gets into an argument with Auggie’s older neighbor. The older man believes Chris isn’t a superhero, but rather a villain. He uses Batman as an example of a hero who doesn’t murder people constantly. However, Peacemaker points out that he doesn't have a rougue's gallery because unlike Batman, he kills his villains. Which according to him is better because Batman just puts his villains in jail, and they inevitably break out and kill more inocent people. However, it is through Auggie’s neighbor that Peacemaker learns of his father’s imprisonment. Chris then calls Murn to chew him out and asks Vigilante to drive him to the prison.

Inside the jail, Peacemaker spills the beans to Auggie by telling him Murn and the team framed him. Chris asks his dad to stick it out behind bars a little longer while he finishes eradicating the butterflies. Once Peacemaker returns from his visit, Leota offers to drive him home.Economos calls Leota and Chris while they’re on the road to inform them of Judomaster’s escape. Suddenly, Judomaster attacks Economos. When Peacemaker and Leota finally arrive, they find Economos on the floor, gasping for air. Peacemaker then chases Judomaster outside, and the pair duke it out. When Judomaster tries to tell Peacemaker the butterflies aren’t what he thinks, Leota shoots the former in the chest.

Meanwhile, in Peacemaker’s humble trailer, he procures a mason jar with none other than Goff’s butterfly. Later, Chris meets Harcourt at the local pub to ask her about his file. She divulges how it dictates his father’s abusive behavior. Moreover, that Auggie trained his sons to kill at a young age and that Chris' brother died under mysterious circumstances, but is thought that Chris was likely involved with his brother’s death. Later, in his trailer, Peacemaker puts on a record and dances sadly to the music. While Peacemaker dances, he recalls his traumatic childhood. One of which includes Auggie giving Chris a screwdriver to stab a man to death. Then, Peacemaker remember his brother writhing on the ground before he dies. In the present, Chris then falls on the floor, crying, and finds comfort in Eagly and Goff the Butterfly as he smokes some marijuana.

In Monkey Dory, Peacemaker lets his anger get the best of him, as he confronts Economos over putting his dad in jail. Later, Leota and Peacemaker team up together and go in through the front. Although Peacemaker agrees to keep things chill, he immediately shoots the receptionist and the guards in the head. Peacemaker quickly reveals that his current helmet grants him the ability to see Butterflies inside their hosts. Blood-soaked and high on adrenaline, Peacemaker and the gang are debriefed after their factory skirmish. As everyone heads off, Peacemaker encourages Leota to share a drink with him at his place. Once there, Leota connects with Peacemaker and encourages him to drop the tough exterior; throwing jokes at everyone and putting them down isn’t the way to go. She urges him to be more like Chris instead.

In Murn After Reading,as Auggie is released from prison, he’s lusting for blood and turns his attention to killing Peacemaker. However, Song is already on Peacemaker's trail, and she prepares to launch an offensive to search Peacemaker’s trailer and arrest him. At Peacemaker’s trailer, Vigilante shows up and the pair notice in awe that Goff has drawn a peace symbol. As they begin asking the Butterfly Yes or No questions, the police close in. When Peacemaker returns to base, the truth about Goff escaping is unveiled. Murn is shocked and confirms that the diary is with their men. It’s with Caspar to be precise, who locked it in his desk drawer. Peacemaker is incredulous over the knowledge being hidden from him, and scoffs at the notion of them being a team. Murn’s secret remains that way, as he tells the team they’re heading out at daybreak for the Ranch. As the gang prepare to mobilize, Caspar Locke holds a press conference on TV, which throws all of their plans completely out the window. He reveals the truth about the aliens and also confirms that every police station right now has one mandate, which is to find Peacemaker.

In Stop Dragon My Heart Around, in the present, Peacemaker reflects on the painful moment from his past where he accidentally killed his brother.As he struggles to hold back tears, Vigilante snaps him out of his entranced state though, and the pair collect their gear and prepare to go after Locke. Economos is with them too and drives them to their destination. Only, they’re not alone as White Dragon and his fanatics are on their trail. Rather quickly, White Dragon smashes into the side of the truck and knocks them down. Peacemaker and the others do manage to escape though, but it doesn’t take long for them all to mobilize again. Peacemaker soon realizes his helmet has a tracking device in and he ditches it, losing White Dragon in the process. Later,Peacemaker and Economos catch up with Vigilante, who happens to be passed out in his car. Unfortunately he’s also taken all of Peacemaker’s helmets from Auggie’s house and that leads White Dragon back to him. After knocking down Eagly, Auggie turns his attention to Peacemaker. Knocking him down, Auggie prepares to take his son out. Only, Economos shows up with a machine gun, killing all the fanatics alongside him. Vigilante pounces on Auggie and short-circuits his suit. In doing so, Peacemaker turns his attention to his father and punches him numerous times, calling him out for his hostile attitude in the past. As Auggie antagonizes him, Peacemaker grabs a gun and shoots his dad in the head. Peacemaker worries that Eagly is dead meat and ends up praying to the Lord to save his pet, given he’s the only one who understands how he feels. With Leota watching from the window, she looks in awe at the bird as Eagly reawakens and embraces Peacemaker.

In It's Cow or Never, Leota attempts to apologize to Chris, but he just isn’t interested in apologies, so he and Vigilante proceed to make fart noises while Leota expresses her sincere remorse. Peacemaker lays out his helmets and explains to Leota what each one does. Chris tries to assign Eagly the task of planting said helmet on the barn’s roof, but, instead, Peacemaker’s Best friend misunderstands and drops it further in the woods. The group then splits up to find the sonic boom helmet. Chris encounters a vision of Auggie taunting him and taking up residence in his head. Peacemaker unflinchingly reaches for a weapon, unafraid to kill his racist, abusive father again. Harcourt however bears witness to Peacemaker’s interaction with a ghost.

Later, Peacemaker, Harcourt and Vigilante arm themselves for a showdown with the butterflies. Harcourt urges Peacemaker to find the cow while she and Vigilante fend off the butterflies topside. Unfortunately, he slips on debris and falls to the barn’s lower level, with said debris burying him. Harcourt then tells Leota to assist Chris with the cow situation. Leota puts on Peacemaker’s helmet that morphs the wearer into a human torpedo. She locates Chris under a massive pile of debris, but instead of saving Peacemaker, it’s Butterfly Song on the other side. Eventually, Chris activates the human torpedo helmet, which Leota is still wearing. Suddenly, she flies into the cow, killing it. Peacemaker then promptly shoots Butterfly Locke and Butterfly Song. Eventually, Chris and Leota emerge from the barn wreckage to find Vigilante alive and Economos sitting with Harcourt.

The Justice League arrive in too late to be of any help now and Peacemaker chastises the team for their lateness, revealing that the fight is over. He also criticizes Aquaman for forking fish. Aquaman complains about that rumor, but The Flash counters that it’s all true. Chris then throws out that Green Arrow also attends brony conventions. While at the hospital, Leota and Chris get some much-needed one-on-one time, wherein the pair make amends, and Leota vows to do the right thing. Before she leaves, Chris informs her that, after Eagly, she’s his bestie. Some time later, Leota goes on camera to reveal Project Butterfly to the world and publically exonerate Peacemaker and Vigilante of their crimes. She then informs the reporters of how much the heroes assisted the mission and that Peacemaker didn’t write that diary. Peacemaker visits Harcourt, who’s now conscious. Afterwards, Vigilante and Chris go back to doing what they do best, which is blowing stuff up. Much later, Peacemaker finds Goff, who escaped Song’s body, flying outside his window. He gives her what’s left of the amber goo for sustenance as Eagly drops a dead animal at his feet. The ghost of Auggie sits next to Chris on the porch.

Season 2

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Physical Appearance