Peacemaker Kurogane Episode 10
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Release Date 2003-12-09
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Quiet ( ?) is the tenth episode of the 2003 anime series Peacemaker Kurogane.


Yamanami is reminded of when he used to watch Hijikata practice the same way he does currently. Yamanami wants Hijikata to demote him to a bookkeeper, since he wants to refrain from causing bloodshed any longer. He remembers when he assassinated the former commander of the Shinsengumi, when he and Hijikata were once ronin. Tetsu delivers the package to Hijikata, unaware of its contents. Hijikata reveals to Okita that it contains medicine to help restore physical vigor. Hijikata and Okita are reported that a patrol group was attacked by some ronin at a riverbank. Yamanami and Saitō tag along behind them, only to see that Furube has summoned a giant warrior demon to attack Hijikata. Saitō manages to cause Furube to withdraw from the attack, and explains that he is a master of esoteric incantations.

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