Peacemaker Kurogane Episode 12
Big Brother
Name in Japanese
Rōmaji Translation Ani
Release Date 2003-12-23
Production Staff
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Big Brother ( Ani?) is the twelfth episode of the 2003 anime series Peacemaker Kurogane.


As Tetsu is hanging up sheets to dry outside the dojo, he sees someone that resembles Saya. Saitō, when wanting to spar with him, senses that Tetsu is distracted by someone in the past on his mind, one who is still living and not dead. Saitō then feels as if being surrounded in flames when Tetsu attempts to land a blow, resulting in the latter being knocked out by the former. Yamanami and Heisuke later bring Tetsu to an okiya, where he meets a courtesan named Akesato. Tatsu, however, is against this course of action and decides to track them down. Tetsu is surprised to see not only Hana but also Saya residing in the okiya.

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