Peacemaker Kurogane Episode 19
Name in Japanese
Rōmaji Translation Sora
Release Date 2004-02-17
Production Staff
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Sky ( Sora?) is the nineteenth episode of the 2003 anime series Peacemaker Kurogane.


Tetsu discloses to Susumu that Ayumu is in trouble, despite how Susumu feels indifferent about her. Tetsu tells Susumu that Ayumu told him to take care of her little brother. Susumu finds Ayumu beaten up outside on the ground, seeing that he has come too late. As the Shinsengumi mourns for Ayumu's death, a regretful Hijikata orders that the funeral will be done quickly and discreetly. When Tetsu sits with Susumu atop a roof at night, he shares that he could not even finish the last meal Ayumu had made for him. Susumu then unveils that Ayumu had taken his place as a watcher to protect him from facing death. The next morning, Tetsu promises to be friends with Susumu hereafter.

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