Peacemaker Kurogane Episode 22
Name in Japanese
Rōmaji Translation Ikusa
Release Date 2004-03-09
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Fight ( Ikusa?) is the twenty-second episode of the 2003 anime series Peacemaker Kurogane.


Yamanami shares with Tetsu that he used to watch a school of ricefishes flow downstream along a canal all day during springtime as a child. The Shinsengumi continue to raid the inn. Yoshida witnesses as his subordinates Teizo Miyabe and Jyusuke Matsuda are slaughtered by Kondō's hands. Yoshida allows Suzu to call in reinforcements and report back to him. Yoshida gets his spear sliced in half by Heisuke, but he impales the spear onto Heisuke's head before Shinpachi has the chance to stop him. Meanwhile, Susumu clashes against Yugao on the rooftops. Okita goes head on against Yoshida in an intense sword fight. When Tetsu finally shows up, Okita tells him to run away and hide. Okita is soon pinned on the ground, soon defenseless. Just as Yoshida prepares to kill Okita, Tetsu intervenes and takes on Yoshida by himself.

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