Ryōma Sakamoto
Ryōma Sakamoto
Name in Japanese 坂本龍馬
Rōmaji Translation Sakamoto Ryōma
Appears in Anime, Manga, TV Drama, Stage Show
Voice Actor (Japanese) Masashi Ebara
Voice Actor (English) David Born
Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Active

Ryōma Sakamoto (坂本龍馬 Sakamoto Ryōma?) is an old acquaintance of Tatsu and Tetsu's father. Sakamoto refers to their father as the "Peacemaker." Sakamoto also calls Tatsu "Dragon Boy", as "Tatsu" can be translated to "Dragon" in Japanese and nicknames Tetsu "Iron Boy", as "Tetsu" can be translated as "Iron". He is an expert swordsman but he mainly uses a pistol. In the Japanese version of the anime and manga, Ryōma tends to speak random English words. Ryōma is also wanted by the pro-Shogunate forces, as revealed by Okita when he sneaks into the Shinsengumi headquarters.