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Auggie Smith was the cruel white supremacist supervillain known as the White Dragon, and the nasty and disapproving father of Peacemaker. Head of the Aryan Empire, Smith was arrested for his son's crimes, and after the mistake was corrected, attempted to murder him.


Early Life

Sporting a mullet, a much younger Auggie gives a young Chris a screwdriver to stab a man to death.

Years earlier, a young Chris and his brother Keith are in their room listening to rock music. Auggie for his part is holding bets, and then encourages both of his sons to head out and fight one another in a no-holds barred match. With a big punch to the cheek, Chris knocks out his brother who ends up convulsing and fitting on the floor. As Keith begins frothing at the mouth, Auggie jumps in and realizes Chris has killed his brother.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

In A Whole New Whirled, Chris has dinner with Eagly and his father Auggie, and the father/son duo bond over an anecdote about Bloodsport’s fear of rats. Then, Auggie gives Chris a new helmet since the latter gave his to a taxi driver. The older man boasts a bevy of shiny helmets, all with different capabilities, in his lair.

In Best Friends, For Never, while Auggie is in prison, he walks up to a young black prisoner to demand he move from his seat while the white inmates stand in support of him. Eventually, the white inmates kneel before Auggie and give a Nazi salute as they shout "all hail the White Dragon".

In The Choad Less Traveled, while inside the jail, Peacemaker spills the beans to Auggie by telling him Clemson Murn and the team framed him. Chris asks his dad to stick it out behind bars a little longer while he finishes eradicating the butterflies. However, Auggie spews more vitriol and hurls insults at his son, stating he’ll go to the police to clear his name. Later, Vigilante marches through the prison in his jumpsuit. He immediately sits with Auggie and his Nazi white supremacist lackeys. He tries to incite a fight that will lead to him killing Auggie by throwing out words that will rouse them, and suddenly, one of the Nazis lunges for Vigilante. However, Vigilante is prepared, as he fights of all of Auggie’s buddies with ease. Auggie refrains from fighting Vigilante claiming that he won't be goaded into a fight by him. While the cops seize the duo, Vigilante blurts out that Auggie is a terrible father. Thus, revealing his identity to Auggie. Auggie then emphatically demands to speak with Detective Song.

In Monkey Dory, still in prison, Auggie appeals to Detectives Song and Fitz. He claims Peacemaker has framed him and that hecan prove it. After getting his fingerprints, the detectives match it up to the prints found at the scene, and realize they don’t match.

In Murn After Reading, Auggie is released from prison and is now lusting for blood and turns his attention to killing Peacemaker.

In Stop Dragon My Heart Around, after knocking down Eagly, Auggie turns his attention to Peacemaker. Knocking him down, Auggie prepares to take his son out. Only, John Economos shows up with a machine gun, killing all the fanatics alongside him. Vigilante pounces on Auggie and short-circuits his suit. In doing so, Peacemaker turns his attention to his father and punches him numerous times, calling him out for his hostile attitude in the past. As Auggie antagonizes him, Peacemaker grabs a gun and shoots his dad in the head.

In It's Cow or Never, Chris encounters a vision of Auggie taunting him and taking up residence in his head. Peacemaker unflinchingly reaches for a weapon, unafraid to kill his racist, abusive father again. Emilia Harcourt however bears witness to Peacemaker’s interaction with a ghost. Later, after the big fight against the butterflies is over, Peacemaker finds Goff, who escaped Song’s body, flying outside his window. He gives her what’s left of the amber goo for sustenance as Eagly drops a dead animal at his feet. The ghost of Auggie then sits next to Chris on the porch.

Season 2

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Physical Appearance




  • On January 16, 2022, it was mentioned how his comic book counterpart was created by John Ostrander and Luke McDonnell, and first appeared in Suicide Squad #4 as a deadly foe to the Suicide Squad team. Unlike the television series, William Heller was the original Dragon instead of Auggie. With connections to the Ku Klux Klan, Heller was a Neo-Nazi that donned a powerful suit of armor to impose his white supremacy. With the ability to fly around and shoot powerful blasts, he was a physical threat to even the worst of the worst. A few names picked up the mantle after Heller, but none had a direct connection to Peacemaker.[1]
    • Christopher Smith's father from the source material was Wolfgang Schmidt, a literal Nazi commander who killed himself after his involvement in the war came to light. The event traumatized young Chris, serving as the primary reason for his need to seek justice in his red and blue outfit. Thus, by merging both obscure storylines, the show is able to have a father figure for Smith and the villain known as White Dragon as well.[1]
    • As a result, the father-son relationship is vital to understand what made Christopher in the tv series the cold-blooded killer of men, women, and children. Having his father be a violent white supremacist explains a lot about his son's incredibly flawed ideology, and gives the series a physical threat for Peacemaker to fight against. With Auggie creating the suit and helmets for this son.[1]
  • On January 27, 2022, during "Peacemaker" episode 5, Peacemaker (Cena) is furious with Economos for framing his dad Auggie (Robert Patrick) for a murder Peacemaker committed. He starts berating Economos, listing all of the people that he could have chosen to frame instead. Among them? Ariana Grande, Drake, Brad Pitt, Doug the Pug, the red tiger from Voltron, Joe Montana, Eddie Murphy, BTS, Eugene Levy, Danny DeVito, Alice Cooper, Bill Cosby, Optimus Prime, Cobra Commander, and the "f***ing cast from Riverdale." But perhaps more impressive was that a large portion of this scene was improvised.[2]
  • In regards to Auggie, Gunn said that "He is really a piece of shit". He also elaborated that "He obviously didn’t feel OK with Auggie saying the N-word every two seconds,” and hoped the character wasn’t just going to be “pressing buttons for the sake of pressing buttons.” Rather, he and Patrick wanted Auggie’s characterization to balance out — and inform — Chris’ extreme douchebaggery.[3]